Monday, December 7, 2009

MONDAY TOP TEN: my brother's fantastic wedding

Burt & Markie Cheatham
December 5, 2009

Pretty danged adorable, if you ask me.

Also, ask me who the photographer was....

ok, it was me!

The wedding was a late afternoon ceremony, taking place on the patio of the Bayonet-Blackhorse Golf Course in Seaside. The reception was held right inside the clubhouse with panoramic views of the two golf courses and the bay.

I was so pleased to be able to photograph this wedding for many reasons, but I'll limit my comments to the TOP TEN for now.

And, as usual, in no particular order...

MONDAY TOP TEN: the Cheatham wedding.

1. These two were simply made for one another. Burt comes from a crazy and loud family, and Markie is so calm and collected: hardly ever getting her 'feathers ruffled'.

2. Burt made us all proud by offering a toast to both of their fathers. Markie's dad passed away in late 2006, and of course our dad passed away in March 2009.

3. Markie is a striking beauty. Truly.
(this is my FAVORITE photo from the day)

4. Burt & Markie have been together for over two years, and have grown closer and really helped each other through the times.

5. How adorable were these wedding favors?

6. Cousin Patty & Brother-in-Law Dean assisted in the photography. This exit from the ceremony photo is from Cousin Patty.

7. I really love the angle on these ladder shots. Blaine & I are pretty peeved that it got stolen from where he stashed it under our car.

8. I didn't even know two of the groomsmen before this day. But I was so impressed by their character and brotherly love for Burt.

9. I also didn't really know Markie that well before the wedding festivities. I only saw her when she was probably super overwhelmed by the onslaught of Cheatham sister energy. She impressed me so much throughout the day: I loved seeing her interact with her friends, love my brother unconditionally, and remain calm through some un-planned occurances. She was the opitome (sp?) of grace.

10. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful ceremony joining this beautiful couple. Welcome to the family Markie! We love you guys!


Deaners said...

I think it's 'epitome'. Great job Stacey. That photo with Burt in front of the tree and the groomsmen in the background turned out great. I hope those reflectors came in handy. I won't leave home without them.

Amanda Evans said...

So sweet! Great pics Stace! It made me feel like I was right there with you guys!

Team Hayes said...

I'm so proud of our brother! He did such a good job. Markie is so beautiful in all of these pictures. Great pictures, Stace!

jodi serrano said...

WOW - you, Dean, and Patty make an awesome team! I love how you guys all worked together and got multiple angles of the same shots. It was a truly memorable day - one that punctuality and weather could not put a damper on!